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Many of you are familiar with the Tap Tap Dance and Tap Tap Revenge games which involve tapping dots at the right moment to coincide with the beats of music. Lilt Line takes that a bit further by combining it with rhythm racing. The concept is an interesting one, and the execution is rather creative. Whether or not it appeals to you is another issue.

Lilt Line consists of a training course and ten color-blazing mazes with names such as Life Bike, Right Over, Dirt Shirt, and Sprint Dust. Training is the only unlocked maze, and you’ll need to successfully complete a maze to unlock the next. Scoring is a little unorthodox in that you begin with a maximum score, which is decreased each time when a maze wall or white bar is hit. A local scoreboard keeps track of scores by level. A unique aspect of Lilt Line is that the unique music consisting of a mix of Russian and retro tunes begins slightly low and distorted in volume. The further the white line travels without interference, the music improves in sound quality.

Using tilt, you maneuver a white line through each of the mazes. The hitch of course is that white bars stand in your way, and tapping just as the white line reaches them will clear them out. The initial levels are rather simple, but they get progressively more difficult as more white bars are added. In general, the tilt controls are spot on with a slight tilt being all that is required. The tapping does take getting used to, but the game is very responsive. And, the replayability comes from trying to minimize scoring losses.

Lilt Line uses a minimalist approach in everything from the menu to the gameplay screens. What the game lacks is a more polished menu system, and hopefully more levels and songs are added in the future. I really like the concept of Lilt Line, and if you want to try something different, this should be on your list. But, the game’s uniqueness may also be its limitation.

Albie Meter: 4 stars—recommended if you want to try something different, but this is definitely not for everyone