Crazy Hedgy Rolls You Over with a Great 3D Platformer

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Platformer

Fact: Platformers in the iTunes store are a dime a dozen (not literally but there are plenty to choose from).

Fact: Platformers and tilt controls are a risky proposition that mostly don’t work…unless you’re talking about Crazy Hedgy by Cybertime.

Crazy Hedgy is an addicting and most importantly, extremely enjoyable 3D platformer that delivers a terrific experience for gamers young and old. Visually, Crazy Hedgy provides a high-quality extravaganza with surprises throughout mixed with an equally engaging level of gameplay. When it comes to platformers, Crazy Hedgy sets the bar high early in 2012.

Your job is fairly straightforward, and that is maneuver little hedgehog dude Hedgy throughout the 35-level story mode while collecting jewels and coins. Of course, you’ll face a number of obstacles from equally cute, yet dastardly enemies as well as traps and challenges. Also, collect enough coins (25 of them) and you unlock Arena mode, which is frankly something I know most will enjoy.

The Cybertime devs certainly put a significant effort into creating a 3D world that is not a feast for the eyes, but it’s actually a world you want to play in. While this statement may sound strange, I’ve had enough experiences with other platformers where the environment just wasn’t engaging and ultimately not very enjoyable. From the colorful cartoon-like enemies and the deceivingly fun looking traps to the wispy clouds and clear blue lakes, Crazy Hedgy provides a great journey for those willing to do so. Combined with the melodic soundtrack, that won’t be a problem with Crazy Hedgy because you’ll want to take the view in when you’re not rolling around.

One of the strengths of Crazy Hedgy is the controls which are a combination of tilt and touch. Tilt is used for moving Hedgy and changing your viewing angle, while touch consists of punching, shooting, blasting and jumping. Regardless of how you feel about tilt controls, I can safely say that Crazy Hedgy may the game that convinces the anti-tilt party to switch sides. The tilt controls simply work extremely well. The devs did something that makes the game perform even better: auto calibration at each level. As soon as a level is completed, a calibration box appears to recalibrate your device.

At the start of the game, players are taken through a tutorial that teaches you the basics from rolling around to punching out sack dummies. As you travel through the levels, your key objective is to collect enough jewels which appear in a variety of shapes and colors and gold coins. These coins are far and few between so you’ll want to collect as many as you can since you’ll need them as well as minimum number of jewels to complete a level and unlock the next.

Jewels and coins are also used to purchase upgrades of which there are a number that you’ll enjoy experimenting with. These include:

* Crazy Potion (boosts strength)

* Grab Attack (grab enemies, crates and barrels and throw them against each other)

* Super Helmet (head gear protection for head butts)

* Mega Magnet (attracts gems to Hedgy)

* Power Gloves (super punch damage)

* Bubble Gum (spits chewing gum into the face of enemies)

* Hedgy Heart (keeps Hedgy healthy)

In addition to the upgrades, apples can found along the way that Hedgy maintain his strength and handsome spiky complexion.

Besides traveling around, players will love the battles with enemies. Whether it’s punching enemies or shoving them into spinning spikes, the visuals will bring a smile to your face. You can either shake enemies to get more coins or even get them to fight ech other, which is as enjoyable as if you were pummeling them yourself.

The degree of difficulty is always an issue with any game, and Crazy Hedgy overall feels well balanced. Jumping on trampolines can be task (just don’t jump and let the trampoline do the work), rolling around spikes and traps, and dodging enemies all come with a degree of risk. Other levels include timed exercises in futility in addition to tougher enemies. Of course, the checkpoints along the way help keep your sanity. As well, the game includes a number of surprises on each level that should keep players engaged. From different enemies to more complex environments, Hedgy won’t be complaining about being bored.

Overall, Crazy Hedgy is a great looking 3D platformer equaled only by its terrific controls. With plenty of surprises and replayability, Crazy Hedgy is definitely worth checking out. As I mentioned, the year is still young, but Crazy Hedgy sets a high bar.

Albie Meter: 5 Stars (high-quality 3D environment and spot-on tilt and touch controls; content and plenty of surprises ensure replayability; catchy soundtrack rounds out the polished package)


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