Alice’s Adventure—for those with an “adventurous” mind

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Physics, Puzzle

Lately, I’ve come across a fair share of questionable games that border on sexist and exploitative. So when Alice’s Adventures: Rabbit Hole of Death crossed my jaded eyes, I was thinking (hoping?) this was yet another in the exploitative category. Color me surprised because Alice delivers a fun, yet thrillingly guilty ride down the iTunes rabbit hole. While the game drifts more towards a mature audience (I’m on a game site for Pete’s sake), I wouldn’t let that fool you into thinking that Alice’s Adventure is only skin deep.

The Devsisters, the creative minds behind Alice’s Adventures turns the Lewis Carroll classic on its head in a matter of speaking. Combining a puzzle with body bending mechanics, Alice is on a mission to retrieve treasures hidden in the Rabbit’s Hole. Your task should you have the nerve to accept is to guide Alice through the obstacle-filled hole while collecting treasures and potions along the way. The hitch is that you’ll have to manipulate and contort Alice’s body in various positions to get her through the obstacles.

Graphically, this is one of those games that is as fun to look at especially when you’re toying around with Alice as it is to play. Alice is in lingerie with garter belts if that tells you anything, although you won’t get a view of too much cleavage since your view is from behind. Alice also displays her personality with rather alluring voiceovers as she succeeds or crashes into obstacles. Frankly, I found myself a bit torn between helping her succeed or letting her hit the obstacles, although you do feel guilty either way.

The game has 4 stages with local and online scoring. In order to progress, Alice needs to collect cards by accurately falling through the holes. Accuracy counts and you’ll hear Alice complaining about a skinned knee for example when you’re not. The more accurate you are, the more cards you collect.

The upper left corner shows the upcoming obstacle with a timer to show how long before encountering the obstacle. For an extra challenge, you can also tap the gauge to speed up Alice’s descent. At the bottom of the screen is Alice’s health gauge along with text dialogue from Alice as she’s hurling through the hole.

Along her fall down the hole, you can also collect bonus items—Rabbit and Potion—that will reward you with points and Alice with health. However, there’s also a Skull Rabbit which will deduct points, and it can be difficult to make out the Rabbit from the Skull Rabbit so be warned. You simply tap to collect, which can be challenging task since you’re also setting Alice in different positions at the same time.

As you progress through the levels, Alice’s descent increases, which means you’ll need to position her quickly. The gameplay is different from anything you’ve seen mainly because of how Alice is positioned. The animation and the body movements run very smoothly. The game doesn’t have many levels, and the game does not save progress which is a bit of an oversight since you’ll need to put Alice through this torturous fall from the beginning if your phone should ring.

Overall, Alice’s Adventure doesn’t introduce a new concept, but it does add a good degree of zing and humor that should appeal to the testosterone crowd. The game mechanics are a strong point of the game, and I’d like see the Devsisters incorporate it in other games.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (good humored game with more than meets the eye if that matters; game mechanics and animation are well done and hopefully used in future games; game only has 4 levels; definitely not usual iTunes fare)


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