G-Force where the G stands for gerbil-iciously good

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Platformer, Puzzle

Remember Pavlov’s dogs and how they would salivate at the sound of a bell because they were trained to correlate the bell with feeding time? As the dogs were trained for food, gamers instinctively stay away from games with a movie tie-in because of the propensity for horridness and mediocrity in the end product. When G-Force crossed my path, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. However, G-Force has proven me wrong with an impressively animated and challenging game that I would willingly show off to others. If you’re a puzzle fan or just like guinea pigs, G-Force may get you going on your hamster wheel.

G-Force consists of the team of Darwin, Blaster, Juarez and Mooch who is the fly. The game is presented in an overview perspective where our little friends are located in various locations, and the task is simple: get from one location to the other using the tools and specific strengths of team members in the process. The gameplay is smooth and the first thing that hits you is this is an elaborate maze that you need to get through. The big catch here is that you have limited time and face numerous obstacles both physical and mental. G-Force offers some impressive 3D graphics, as impressive as you will get with furry hamsters and a housefly thrown in for good measure.

The game is controlled by a d-pad and action buttons that appear when interaction is required. For example when picking up an item or flipping a switch, a hamster paw—claws and all—appears which can be tapped to perform the specific action. One of the twists with G-Force is how you complete the tasks. This involves switching between the various characters to actually get through a mission, and each character has a button in the upper left corner which can be tapped to activate. For example, a mechanical is one of the early items that can be acquired and used. You may use Blaster to acquire the mechanical arm which then gives him super strength to move heavy items. From there, you would switch off to Juarez who would go in to the area to access controls or acquire another item. The key here is that you need to manually make the decision on when to switch off between the members.

Getting through missions can take some practice and don’t be surprised if you’re repeating missions. Various obstacles including weapons fire, security alarms, electric barriers and blocked entrances will easily test your strategic thinking and potentially fried your little furry buddies. And, there are also mini-puzzles used to test your hacking abilities to enter secured areas, which can be tough and frustrating. In some cases, getting through tight spots means using and maneuvering Mooch who by the way is also armed with a machine gun.

Each mission has a brief intro describing the task at hand which usually involves getting from one room to another or stealing a specific item. The spy music is very appropriate as are the sound effects although those security alarms can be annoying especially if you’re terrible at this game. G-Force is a game of trial and error because there are no indicators pointing you in the right direction. In fact, when you first start, you’ll spend a few seconds figuring out where to go and what to do. It can be a little nerve racking at first because each level has a different layout. But, you will come across computer terminals, junction boxes and keypads among other things that require some brain power.

Once the 12 missions are completed, mini-puzzles are unlocked that involve using Mooch. These mini-puzzles are a nice extension of the game and require keeping the fly guy up in the air and dodging obstacles.

G-Force is a great game with impressive graphics and well thought out gameplay. While it can be frustrating, the gameplay is rather solid and entertaining, and definitely more than you would usually get with a movie game title.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (recommended for puzzlers and people who enjoy playing with hamsters and flies; entertaining and challenging gameplay that should keep you engaged for hours)


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