Gremlin Empire shows potential but incomplete

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Shooter

What do you get when you combine iDracula with the retro graphics of the past? You get Gremlin Empire, a fast-paced shooter that’s plays surprisingly smooth, but unfortunately, the game is sorely incomplete.

While I compare this to iDracula, it really would be a disservice to call this a clone. The game has a comic book feel to it so for those who didn’t like iDracula, I think this game may eventually appeal to that audience. You play the protagonist Bee who is an entrepreneur out seeking the gremlins who stole her treasure.

In this current release, the game is solely a survival shooter which means you’ll face a constant barrage of attacks with the objective of surviving as long as you can. As a survival shooter, one glaring omission is a local scoreboard to track scores. The game showcases what is possible, which I do like, but it’s also very one dimensional right now.

Armed with only a shotgun, Bee must face several enemies.

Piker—a weak gremlin that you can shoot or push out of your way
Enraged Piker—a giant gremlin that looks like a bouncer
Bloomer—tanks of the gremlin horde that will block you and prevent movement in a certain direction
Sapper—a gremlin armed with explosives

The game uses dual wheel controls: the left green wheel controls movement, and the right red wheel controls aim and shooting. The controls are pretty responsive, and contribute to the speed of the game. In same ways, they feel a little loose, but moving Bee around was relatively trouble free. A health bar is located at the top of the screen along with a timer and score.

Honestly, the current pure survival shooter mode which will quickly become repetitious for many since there are only so many hordes of gremlins and gremlin henchmen you’ll can deal with. This only has one map and there are no power ups or perks to provide some variety.

I am encouraged to hear that about the addition of a campaign mode with bosses, additional maps and new enemies because then this will be a full-fledged game. The game has potential based on what I’ve seen so far with the cartoon-style presentation and the controls. Of course, I can only evaluate what is available. If you enjoy survival shooters, this may be of limited interest, and if you want a well-rounded game, then this one-dimensional offering won’t suit your tastes.

Albie Meter: 2 Stars (game has potential but it’s incomplete in its current release and lacks even a local scoreboard)


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