Mass Effect Galaxy…a mass(ive) disappointment

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Shooter

For all the great games that EA has come out with in its illustrious history, I guess the day had to come when they would release a hyped game that was a real stinker. That’s what you have with Mass Effect Galaxy. Look on the bright side, if the year were 1985, this would be a good game. But, considering where we are, you would be wise to steer clear of this one.

In the pre-release trailers, the video displayed many animated cut scenes illustrating dialogue between characters. Unfortunately, that’s as creative as this game gets. The gameplay is simply terrible and treats game players as morons.

A blue shield bar and red health bar appear over Jacob and enemies. The controls are accelerometer based, and you tilt to move Jacob around the various passages. Once an enemy is located, you tap on an enemy to lock on. Once that occurs, auto-fire kicks. Other than avoiding enemy fire which is well, easy, that’s it. In addition, there are a set of buttons that appear down the right side of different weapons:

Biotic attack—freeze your enemy
Heavy weapon—launch a grenade
Tech attack—destroy enemy shields

Nice idea, but the gameplay is so contrived it’s kind of disheartening that EA released this. The animated scenes while they look promising become more of annoyance and really do little to add to the overall game. You’ve given a set choices in some cases where you can alter the storyline but unfortunately, the game doesn’t. I found myself replaying various scenarios and intentionally making different choices to affect the combat situation to no avail. The cut scenes also are way too long after what seems like pages of dialogue and cut animation. Throw in the load times in between “successfully” completed combat missions, and you have yourself a 3 hour game tops.

Note that I didn’t go into the storyline for the game because it really makes no difference in the scheme of things. You could care less what happens to Jacob and his crew. The game title says it all, and it’s all negative.

Albie Meter: 1 Star (if you have $5 to burn, spend it on a Subway sandwich; you’ll be more satisfied)


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