Urban Kick Academy…it’s Fart-tabulous

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Physics

Urban Kick Academy states clearly in its description that it has “realistic physics”. If that’s true, LilBall (the ragdoll you’ll be launching) must be eating a lot dairy and beans because that Fart-n-Fly button creates some major havoc. I’m not usually a huge fan of ragdoll games, although I will play them for their immediate entertainment value. But, Urban Kick Academy is an easy to play, randomly entertaining and very humorous launch and fly game.

The set up in and of itself is pretty amusing. Helmet-clad LilBall is perched on the hood of a car ready to be electrocuted and jolted hard enough to be shot up in the air. A battery meter appears on the right side, and to give LilBall the maximum jolt, the battery should be fully charged when you initiate his journey. Naturally you can adjust for trajectory before setting off the chain reaction that will send LilBall off into the blue yonder. The objective is to see how far you can get LilBall to travel in distance and score points along the way.

Urban Kick Academy has the patented Fart-O-Matic technology which powers the Fart-n-Fly button. I feel like the guy who does the Sham-Wow infomercials just writing that. The Fart button is your friend, well it is LilBall’s friend because it provides the lift and propulsion necessary to keep him flipping and flopping through the air. But, be conservative with the farts because you don’t want to run out of gas too soon (yes, pun intended).

Along his journey, LilBall will come in contact with a variety of objects that will impact the direction of flight and in many cases, help him along his painful, yet entertaining travels. Rubber chickens, mines, rockets, kites, bats, satellites and even helmet-wearing penguins may either help him fly further or give him additional juice that you can tap into. The chickens by the way give you extra gas, and I mean that literally. This is where gentle and strategic farts and your use of them come in handy. Of course, once LilBall starts heading back towards solid ground, he’ll be greeted with parked cars and the occasional trampoline that may help with distance.

Once LilBall is done, lying crumpled on the pavement or resting on the smashed roof of a car, a chart appears showing longest distance traveled as well stats on what objects LilBall kissed while he was in the sky. To top things off, an online scoreboard allows you to compare your scores with other masochists around the world.

Urban Kick Academy is a silly game at heart that really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s the point. Games don’t need to be complex to be fun, but let’s just say I’m glad Smell-O-Vision doesn’t work in conjunction with Fart-O-Matic technology.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (recommended for those who want a more sophisticated fart physics game)


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