Knights Onrush a visual and gameplay rush

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Tower Defense

The medieval theme has always been an interesting historical time of curiosity for me. Kings and Queens, knights and wizards, catapults and dragons were all part of that time and so with Knights Onrush, you won’t be disappointed to see many of these elements and characters in the mix. The high production visuals definitely separate this from others in the castle defense genre.

Knights Onrush is more than flicking, which you’ll be doing a fair share of…it’s about using different strategies based on the type of enemy. With three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard, the game has three modes of play: Campaign, Endless Siege and Madness. Endless Siege and Madness are your survival modes where the objective is to hold off enemies and attacks for as long as you can. Campaign is where I have most of my fun consisting of 12 levels that provide varied attacks by different enemies. The attacks come in waves or as in Knights Onrush’s case, days, and you’ll need to survive through each day’s attacks. Once you lose, you have to begin that level again.

Campaign Mode

  1. First Encounter—Survive 8 days
  2. Fireball Frenzy—Survive 7 days
  3. Marching Knights—Survive 10 days
  4. Machinery—Survive 7 days
  5. Jumpers Coming—Survive 12 days
  6. Covert Ops—Survive 16 days
  7. Land of Titans—Survive 14 days
  8. Secret Spells—Survive 20 days
  9. Jumpers Return—Survive 24 days
  10. Random Skirmish—Survive 30 days
  11. Explosive Round—Survive 20 days
  12. Full Power—Survive 25 days

Knights Onrush has 11 enemy types including marching knights, knight horsemen, wizards, catapults, arrow launchers, bombers, assassins, and jumpers among others. Visually, the details for each of these are impressive as are the accompanying sound effects of anguish. For the most part, most of these enemies can easily be flicked but later on, the enemies are more resistant and require double flicks if that makes sense.

Controls are simple: use your finger to pick and flick up to toss or down to smash. The fun part when the catapults and arrow launchers appear because they can be thrown on top of other enemies.

On the game screen, a running gold count is located in the bottom left corner along with sacrifice points, and a castle health bar. Survive all day and you continue. In Campaign, only the first castle is unlocked, and after successfully defending it, another will unlock. A neat map with a brief overview is included under Campaign and takes through a zig zap journey of knight flicking. As you complete each day of attacks, you have the option to Shop. As you destroy enemies, you earn gold which can then be used to upgrade the castle in a number of way including stronger doors, sacrificial pits and altars, boulders by size, fireball launchers, flamethrowers and cannons. There’s a convenient scroll menu of weapons options.

The gameplay becomes more frantic as more enemies appear and the waves get larger. I find that sometimes flicking is better than wasting my time on using weapons because they can be distracting. One thing to keep in mind with such as things as fireballs, flamethrowers and cannons is that they need to charge up after each use. A little countdown dial appears showing that during gameplay. As for the sacrificial altars, that’s your opportunity to leave enemies hanging until the dragon appears to chow down.

One thing I don’t like about Knights Onrush is that the gold I earn in each level does not carry over to the next so it’s a use or lose it deal. I’d prefer being able accumulate gold for bigger weapons in later levels, but that’s just not the case.

Overall, Knights Onrush is a fun castle defense game with high production values, creatively done with some nice touches. A lot of time was put into the artwork and animation, and the gameplay is solid for what it is. If you enjoy the genre, then Knights Onrush is definitely worth your consideration.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (recommended for fans of castle defense or those looking for a high production, entertaining game that isn’t overly complex)


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