Monster Pinball is a potential monster for metal balls

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Arcade

The concept of pinball isn’t complicated, and what differentiates video game pinball games from one another isn’t either. It really comes down to two things: imagination/creativity and ball physics. Imagination and the creativity behind the different boards aren’t hard to find, but what often affects the video game pinball experience is the ball physics. Literally, does it move and roll like a real pinball? In the case of Monster Pinball, the game is both creative, and I’m happy to say has the ball physics down.

Monster Pinball is about interconnected boards and depending on where your ball goes, it will re-emerge in several other boards which are aptly named:

Head Banger
The Bowl
Hogie Feed
Bindy Spin

The boards are vibrantly colored and the sound effects are unusual to say the least. The animations and graphics are smooth and fun to watch, and there’s some nice tilt action to boot. In addition, you have the usual pinball features of flippers (which are very responsive), freeballs, and bonus balls among others. The gameplay itself is fast and heavily reliant on the physics. You slide your finger down the screen to activate the plunger and off your ball goes. Balls bounce and ricochet as they’re intended to, and the fun animations really add to the classic and retro feel of this game. Global online scoring rounds out the package.

One of the standout things about Monster Pinball is that you see the entire board so there is no scrolling, which has irritated me a bit in the past with some other pinball games. My only recommendation is to add a few more things on the board, and hopefully more boards in the future. If you’re looking for a solid pinball game with a good degree of creativity and more importantly, realistic physics, Monster Pinball will fit the bill.

Albie Meter: 5 Stars (recommended for the fast-paced action and its variety in boards along with its spot-on ball physics)

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