Kryzer Prologue offers instant gratification when you need it

Posted: May 23, 2009 in Shooter

From side-scrolling to vertical, we’re familiar with the different types of action shooters but a rotational shooter is what you have with Kryzer Prologue. With a 360-degree field of play, Kryzer Prologue is a 2D cheap thrill waiting to happen and offers a uniquely fun, casual shooter that many will undoubtedly want to experience.

With Kryzer Prologue, it is less about depth and more about the quick adrenaline rush many of us seek. The objective is simple: your ship survives as long as you destroy enemies quickly, which then increases the amount of time you remain in orbit. While the game offers different levels of difficulty—easy, medium and hard—the levels are more attack waves rather than actual levels where the speed picks up and the enemies multiply. The objective is to destroy enemies which results in points and additional on the clock. Easy provides 90 seconds to start, medium 75 and hard 60. As you destroy enemies, you pick up anywhere from 5-15 seconds each instance. If you crash into one or get hit by enemy fire, 30 seconds is deducted from the timer.

Visually, the graphics are relatively simple consisting of various enemies that mostly resemble what look like metal gears and poker chips. The soundtrack is edgy and sets a good tone for the game. As with the graphics, the controls are basic, but still do require some practice. Because the ship is on autofire, the main issue is driving and maneuvering. Using the +/- buttons, the ship can be shifted from a lower to higher orbit and vice versa. In general, the controls are what they are and work as they should. There is also a quick and dirty tutorial that highlights the key parts of the game as well as an online scoreboard where you can see how badly you’re doing in the ranks.

Besides the timer, the other to keep in mind is the multiplier because as you destroy more enemies, the multiplier increases, and so do your points. The pause button is located right in the middle of the screen so you can’t miss it.

The gameplay can be frantically intense, and I suggest playing at the hard difficulty level because it speeds up the game significantly. Enemies spawn from two places: right in the middle or from the sides, and because of the nature of the layout, if you miss, you will need to wait until you circle around for another opportunity. Once an enemy is destroyed, you still have the task of collecting the time bonus before it disappears. Certain time bonuses marked in red will even float off. The one thing that would be useful is a way to boost my speed at my discretion because there times when I’m just itching to get into shooting range.

Kryzer Prologue is a simple, yet compelling-to-play shooter for when you’re in that casual game mindset, and a puzzle game just won’t do. It doesn’t overpromise nor try to be what it isn’t, which can be refreshing these days in the iTunes store. The devs have promised a 3D version of the game, and I can only imaging how fun that will be.

Albie Meter: 4 Stars (recommended for a quick rush without the commitment or complexity)

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