Bed Bugs is where the bugs do bite

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Casual

Bed Bugs is a fun game in the whack-a-mole genre where the objective is to keep your sleepwalker dreaming nice dreams while preventing the bed bugs from waking him up. Of course, bed bugs are the least of your problems because some require special treatment.

The game has 28 levels with a bonus stage every 4 levels, and based on how you do, you get a gold crown for being perfect, a silver star for keeping your sleeping buddy, well, asleep, or you get nothing because he woke up. A gauge appears at the bottom of the screen that shows the balance between nightmares and happy dreams. The objective is to move the gauge towards happy dreams before the level ends. There are 28 different enemies in the game and if were just as simple as tapping them, then the Bed Bugs would be too easy. You also have several friends including the Fairy, Splitters, Jack in the Box and the Twins which you’ll need to protect from the sleep-waking baddies. Also, you can’t squish your friends because they apply against your nightmare count.

Initially, the bed bugs require a simple tap, but soon they become evolve into bugs that require special treatment. What does special treatment mean? Some will require you to wait until they turn a certain color before you squash them, while others appear in bubbles requiring multiple taps. Many others including the flowers will require even more taps. Then, there are your inconvenient friends that manage to get in the way.

“Sorry fairies, I didn’t mean to squish you.”

If the baddies end up touching any of your friends, they get the bed cooties and turn into nightmares. Get enough of them and your sleepwalking friend wakes up, and then where will you be? When you get into the later levels, a barrage and diverse group of baddies will come out of the woodwork, and it’ll make you wonder what your sleepwalking dude had for dinner. There’s a nice variety of sleep-waking enemies, too many to describe and frankly, they’re best left for you to discover.

The graphics and the sound effects are hilarious. The soundtrack is lively and completely counters to a game with this theme. You’d almost expect some happy lullaby, but instead, it’s straight from a London nightclub. Hearing your friends getting squished is almost as funny as splatting the baddies.

Overall, Bed Bugs is a fun little game that casual gamers will love, and definitely different from the usual iTunes gaming fare.

Albie Meter: 4 stars (if you can’t relate to the game, have hoagie before you go to bed, and then this game will make sense)


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