A cool new snake in town with SnakeGalaxy

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Puzzle

We’ve all played our share of snake-type games some good while others have disappeared into oblivion. I’ve seen many games built around the snake concept, and frankly thought it’s time had passed—until now. SnakeGalaxy creates a refreshingly new standard for the Snake game. I never thought the Snake game would ever evolve into something like this, and for most if not everyone, this will exceed your expectations. The game fully takes advantage of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform, and you won’t look at the snake game quite the same way again.

The first thing that hits you is the 3D graphics which are simply some of the best you will see. The menus consist of choices/option represented by planets that you rotate around a sun or asteroid. I had to comment on this because it’s quite creative in its layout. SnakeGalaxy offers 6 unique and visually eye-catching worlds: Training, Village, Jeans, Graphik, Paper, and Concrete. The game offers two modes: Mission and Quick Play. Mission consists of the 6 worlds which must unlocked beginning with Training as the default. To progress, you need to meet a minimum score requirement. One of the things that SnakeGalaxy needs is clearer directions on these scoring requirements to move from one level to the next. While you can refer to the factory high scores included in the game, it’s still not very clear or obvious. Quick Play allows you to play the last world you unlocked focusing on high-score gameplay. A brief tutorial on the game and controls are provided in the Help section. The psychedelic and upbeat soundtrack adds to the edginess of this new age variation of the snake game, but you can also play your own music.

Controls are done by touch, and you move your finger in the direction you want your snake to travel. I find a combination of two fingers works well, but it does take practice. However, the controls are very responsive, and not especially difficult to master.

Each planet offers food represented in the form of rainbow gems that your snake eats to grow. There is a multiplier/combo bar at the bottom of the screen that increases and decreases based on fast you feed your snake. The longer it takes, the more the multiplier shrinks and conversely, you can also rack up huge points if you feed your snake fast enough. As your snake grows and gets longer, he also increases in speed, thus making the game even more challenging. Keep in mind that you’ll need to steer your snake clear of its on tail and any part of its body. Otherwise, your snake bites the big one, and you start all over.

Depending on the world, your snake faces various obstacles. For example, on the Village planet, you must avoid wooden fences and on the Jeans planet, buttons and rivets are you main obstacles. Each of the worlds is unique and very detailed. On the Paper planet, obstacles include paper clips and 3D letters. The Village planet is one of my favorites simply because of the cobblestone surface and the cottage and tree surrounded by a picket fence.

SnakeGalaxy does have one shortcoming which is content. The devs have mentioned additional worlds and online scoreboards in future updates so that should be much of an issue much longer.

Overall, if you’re looking for just one snake game, SnakeGalaxy is the obvious choice. It offers top notch graphics and smooth frame rates, some of the best available in my opinion, and innovative gameplay on an old concept. You can’t ask for more than that.


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