Want to grow up to be a traffic cop? Try Gridlocked

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Strategy, Time Management

If you’ve ever wanted to be an intersection control officer, you have that opportunity with Gridlocked. I’ve never been a huge of time management games because I always think of that scene from “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and her friend Ethel are working on a conveyor line boxing chocolates. Of course all havoc breaks loose when the conveyor speeds up and they end up stuffing chocolates in their mouths or stuff it down their shirts to keep the candy from hitting the floor. In Gridlocked, you face a similar situation except you’re dealing with street intersections and traffic.

Gridlocked is presented rather nicely with four intersections and little cars. Graphicswise, it’s not overdone which suits this game perfectly, and there’s a jazzy soundtrack. The game offers a straight tutorial along with a statistics page showing your high score, last game played score, # of games played, and most cars. Unfortunately, there isn’t an online scoreboard just yet. And, of course a pause button is included.

The goal to keep traffic moving, and there are sets of arrows at each intersection that you tap to change the flow of traffic. I think it’s a rather simple, yet effective way of accomplishing this without making it overly difficult for the player. Cars are all white, and depending on how long they wait, they begin to change color first to yellow, then orange and finally red. Obviously, once a car turns red, you better get that car moving fast otherwise the game is over.

The game starts out rather manageable and slow, but it will gradually increase in speed and in the number of cars. Gridlocked is not impossible at all; there is always a way out, but you just have to manage effectively. What would add to the overall feel of the game is the sound of traffic and honking horns as well as additional types of vehicles such as emergency vehicles (police cars, ambulances, anything with siren) to provide some variety. In general, Gridlocked is solid game whether or not you’re into time management games. It’s simple enough that you can pick-up-and-play for a few minutes, and engaging enough that you can waste some serious time with this. By the way, even if traffic cop is not your first career choice, Gridlocked is still a good game.


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