vConqr: The only thing it’s lacking is more maps

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy

I’ve been looking to get a good strategy game for quite a while, and vConqr really delivers. The latest update only brings improvements with sound effects and smooth framerates that add to the feel of the game. The AI attacks and at the medium and hard levels, it provides enough of a challenge and difficulty to keep you playing. The zoom/pan work seemlessly and you can play the game in landscape or portrait mode. The touch controls are responsive, and I’ve never experienced any lag.

For those not familiar with Risk-type games, the objective is to conquer the world or maps by deploying and attacking adjoining enemy territories. With some games, you’re talking about rolling dice to see who gets the high number to take over a territory which is random and not very strategic. With vConqr, you actually plan your attack with army deployments, reinforcements, troop buildups and most importantly, strategic thinking. Each of your moves is only a few taps away and works well. And, as you conquer territories, you earn cards that you can trade in for additional troops. I’m looking forward to additional maps, and I suggest you take a look at the dev’s Web site which provides step-by-step instructions on how to play. Also, the dev has been very open to hearing feedback which is yet another reason that makes vConqr an ideal choice. If you’re looking for Risk-type/world domination games, I recommend vConqr understanding that more maps are on the way.


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