Touch This – rRootage Dares You

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

rRootage may not get a lot of attention, but the reality is that many of the devs who sell other shmups on iTunes could learn a thing or two about touch controls from this free game. The accelerometer controls are simply one of the best in continuity and performance with the minor shortcoming that the game is without sound.

rRootage is all about battles with bosses who shoot a visually dazzling array of weapons against your ship. The 32 levels are repetitive as you glide your ship along through the field of bombs and missiles, but other than that, the game can be fun as you maneuver ever so carefully.

First off, the gameplay is pretty simple…you control a ship battling a big mother ship/boss. The screen offers a life energy gauge in the upper left-hand corner telling you how much life is left in the boss. Your ship fires a continuous beam of energy that drains the boss ship’s life. That’s it…nothing more to it besides dodging enemy fire from the boss, but there are no other smaller ships to battle or obstacles. The game itself could use an update in terms of adding more enemies and powerups to add variety, and for many, sound would make a huge difference.

Nonetheless, there is enjoyment to be had from maneuvering through the enemy fire with your finger which leads to my next point…the controls. While the game may not have much in terms of variety of attackers or obstacles, the controls are top notch. There aren’t any noticeable lags, and you can turn your ship literally on a small pebble. But, the touch controls used in rRootage should be the benchmark by which other devs developer their games. If the dev can add sound, some variety and an auto save button (for when you get a call or need to cut a game short), rRootage could easily be one of the top shooter games in its class.


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