The name says it all with Hellfire

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Shooter

If you love Blue Skies, then Hellfire will stoke your fire too. Think of it as a 3D verion of Blue Skies, and you’ll be as excited as I was when I first played this game. Handmark makes some great games, and Hellfire was ported well to the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you’re into air combat with a challenging yet not overly difficult gameplay, you may want to consider Hellfire.

Hellfire offers Campaign and Single mission modes of play with your choice of a Soviet or American helicopter. I didn’t find any difference or advantage in selecting one over the other. In Campaign, you go through a progressive set of missions at various locations around the world, while Single mission consists of missions that you’ve unlocked in Campaign mode. There are 12 different locations including Syria, Poland, Eastern and Western Libya and Egypt to name a few. Also in terms of difficulty levels, those are designated by Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Colonel. Each difficulty level must be unlocked individually.

The mission objectives usually involve one or a combination of the following: destroy enemy sites, rescue captured soldiers, and travel to a rendezvous point. Prior to each, a brief is presented with the mission objectives. I found the controls to be very responsive where you fire by tapping buttons on the screen and tilting accordingly to move, brake and turn (under Options, you can set the tilt sensitivity). You also have a slide lever to increase/decrease your height and land/takeoff, which will be important to master when landing on a battleship. One issue that I found is that it can difficult to estimate how much you actually have to land when landing in a small area such as a battleship.

Visually, Hellfire looks great because of the 3D terrain, although there are a few things I would suggest for future updates: autosave function where you can continue if a call/message interrupts gameplay, a little more animation with the chopper so it actually turns in the direction you tilt, changing the chopper noise so it varies a bit (it constantly sounds the same which can be slightly annoying for some), and more powerups/weapons.

For me, Hellfire offers great entertainment value, and while there are a few things that need tweaking, it makes a great addition to anyone’s gaming library.


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