Tank Fun in Your Pocket…Pocket Tanks Deluxe that is

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Strategy

Pocket Tanks Deluxe is a lot of fun visually and in the gameplay.  Conceptwise, you can compare this to iShoot, but I have to say Pocket Tanks offers many other things that sets it apart from iShoot.  First thing you notice is the vibrant and colorful layout of the game from the menus to the game itself.  For me, I don’t necessarily want games that are graphic heavy, but I do want them to look eye catching if possible.  Pocket Tanks definitely accomplishes that, and don’t get me started on the catchy soundtrack.

With Pocket Tanks Deluxe, there are numerous options that add to the game and its longevity/replayability.  The most important is the range of weapons: there are 105 different types of weapons to choose ranging from the if you can mundane—napalm, tracer, and fireball to the more exotic—collide-o-scope, nanobots and volcano.  Aside from letting you choose your weapons of choice, the game has a Random feature that does just that.  It randomly picks weapons for all the players, and this alone adds to the replayability.  But, the options go beyond that.  In addition to the tank color and degree of difficulty, you can also modify Terrain Type, Explosion Size, Explosion Kick, Turret Orientation, Wind Speed, Wind Variability and Wind Change.  I have to say that while playing around with each these, it adds a whole new layer of strategy.  Btw, the zoom/pan functionality worked relatively smoothly although there is a slight lag.

The objective of the Pocket Tanks is to score the most points by hitting the opposing tank using your set of weapons.  The Weapons selection, shooting angle and power setting are located at the bottom of the screen, and all work smoothly.  Scores are tabulated after the various volleys of weapons fire, and direct hits score more points.  Each game is self- contained meaning you won’t be able to play in a “Best of” series, and hopefully that is included in a future update.  I also noticed that you can’t continue a game if you have to exit prematurely so a Continue function should be included as well.

I went into this not expecting much, but came away thinking, Pocket Tanks Deluxe is one terrific game.  Whether or not you have iShoot, Pocket Tanks Deluxe is different enough in its on right that its well worth the price tag.  The replayability is almost limitless based on the number options in terms of weapons and environmental settings that you’ll want to pick this up.


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