Sentry Alpha is an almost perfect shmup!

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

I don’t know how I missed Sentry Alpha when it first came out, but this app is the bomb when it comes to shoot’em ups (shmups). While it looks like your typical vertical shooter, Sentry Alpha makes its mark with a set of highly responsive controls. Words can’t describe how good the accelerometer is within this shooter, and the gamplay is on target. Too many apps put a heavy emphasis on graphics and not enough on the story or the actual gameplay. Sentry Alpha has just the right balance with a mission description at the beginning of each stage so you know what you’re up against.

You navigate your ship completely through the accelerometer, and you’ll find that it’s as smooth as butter. The objective is to defeat the boss before progressing to the next level, but of course, you have to make it through the path of enemy ships and other obstacles. As you destroy enemy ships and bosses through each level, you can also fire missiles either through shaking your device or hitting the missile button on the lower right-hand side of your screen. The battlefield expands meaning the screen moves so you can move further left or further right; which actually means a bigger screen to play with. There are a variety of enemy ships and turrets as well as boss ships which while not overwhelmingly detailed are more than sufficient. Also, a side bonus involves collect medals for additional points.

One nice feature is the storyline and while it’s not deep, it provides at least some background. Shmups tend to throw too much at you, and make it virtually impossible to succeed. For Sentry Alpha, the game is very intuitive, and the level of action is challenging and well-balanced so you’re not completely overwhelmed and frustrated. A nice bonus is the statistics page that appears after you complete each level identifying how many enemy ships you destroyed, medals collected, and hits your ship took.

I can’t recommend Sentry Alpha enough, and the dev has continued to provide updates that make this an almost perfect vertical shooter.


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