Sentinel Is One Visually Stunning TD Game

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy, Tower Defense

Sentinel combines the characteristics of your typical tower defense game and with the edginess of sci-fi.  Visually, the game is a stunner and easily gives Field Runner a run for its money when it comes to looks.  Tower animations are very smooth and visibly change as they’re upgraded, and the attack waves are just fun to watch.  Sentinel arguably has more depth in terms of gameplay than Field Runner and includes several elements not normally seen in other TD apps.  As with other TD apps, you drag and drop your defenses which you can buy, upgrade and sell.  Sentinel is path-based TD which has 3 maps: Perimeter, The Compound, and The Core; 2 modes of play: Assault and Endurance (locked until you complete relevant maps) and 4 levels of play: Easy, Medium, Hard, and something aptly known as Psycho.

Perimeter is your first map and consists of 60 waves of attacks, which is the same for each of the other maps.  Perimeter is the only unlocked map, and as you survive each map, they subsequently unlock in Endurance mode as well. You have six types of weapons: Laser, Bomb, Slow (slows enemies down), Beam, Sniper, and Drone (repairs structures).

Your enemies are mutants, arachnids, winged parasites, and something called Unknown which you can read more about in the tutorial.  The gameplay itself is very smooth…no complaints there.  As for those untraditional elements in Sentinel, the money that you acquire as you destroy enemies gains interest which all can be used towards upgrading weapons.  Also, there are barriers and electrified gates, which your enemies actually bash the heck out of them trying to get in and damage.  But here’s a nice touch, you can buy a drone that will come in and repair damaged structures.

As with any app, there are shortcomings.  While there is a soundtrack, Sentinel does not have background music during gameplay which may or may not be an issue for many.  Personally, I prefer background music because it adds to the feel of the game.  Another issue is the load time in between each attack wave, which can lengthen the time you play by 10 minutes when you average the load time over 60 waves. The devs should consider using a timing system similar to that found in other TD apps such as 7 Cities and geoDefense.  In terms of the path-based maps, the devs have mentioned that future updates will include additional maps, but the ones currently included should keep you pretty busy.  .

The smooth animations only add to Sentinel’s entertainment value, and the sound effects, while nothing special, are adequate without being overwhelming.  I would rank Sentinel up there with the best TD apps such as 7 Cities, Besiegement and geoDefense.  If you’re looking for a different take on tower defense or simply want something visually appealing, Sentinel is a good choice.  All in all, Sentinel’s polished look, feel and gameplay make it a worthwhile buy.  And, with a few dev tweaks, more enemies, and additional maps, it will only get better.


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