Reflexion Tests Your Brick Breaker Reflexes

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Reflexion changes you way think of brick breaker games by giving you the power to create your own paddle and angle the ball wherever you want.  It’s really a nice twist to the category because you’re no longer to the bottom of the screen which is typical of these kinds of games.

The game offers two modes: Arcade and Puzzle.  Arcade is the campaign mode where you gradually progress through 50 levels, while Puzzle offers 25 specific and unique layouts that you try to clear with 3 lives.  The controls are simple: tap to launch the ball, shake to activate slow motion (the gauge is located in top middle of the screen), and drag your finger to draw your paddle.  The game also offers the usual perks and power ups including fast ball, power ball, multiple balls, long paddle and double paddles.

Visually the game looks like your typical brick breaker game from your first Atari, but that where the similarities.  Once draw your paddle, you’re off and running, and while you think the ability to draw your own paddle wherever you’d like would make the game easier,  you’d be wrong.  The game is even more challenging due to the fact that parts of the wall are missing and your ball goes right through to their brick breaker demise.  The fun part about being able to draw your paddle is it gives a good deal of flexibility to draw them at any straight line up and down and side to side.

Hopefully the dev continues to add new levels as well as save last level functionality in Arcade mode and online scoring.  With the smooth graphics, relaxing soundtrack, and addicting gameplay, Reflexion adds a new yet challenging twist to the brick breaker category.


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