Puzzle Prism is an eye-catching 3D puzzler

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Puzzle Prism definitely falls into the category of “simple to learn, difficult to master”, and you’ll have fun in the process. The first thing you notice is the look of the game which is simple, yet edgy in its presentation. The 3D aspect of Puzzle Prism is what caught my eye and to simply say that this is a Tetris clone is really inaccurate.

The funky hypnotic music (you have 3 different soundtracks to choose from) adds to the fast pace of the game as well as keeping you engaged. There are also two modes in the full version: Standard and Extra. Standard involves clearing levels with blocks to make them disappear. Extra is a little different in that you have to maintain a light source by clearing levels. The faster you are at the task, the bigger the light source gets and vice versa until the light source is extinguished. For those of you who try the lite version, you’ll find that there is not a Time Trial mode in the full version. It’s an additional mode that I hope is included in the full version in a later update because it does provide a different type of challenge which is just as enjoyable. For now, you’ll need to have the separate lite version for that.

Touch-based, Puzzle Prism’s gameplay is straightforward: you have blocks appearing at the top that need to move to the rotating below all while everything is slowly rotating in unison. You can only flick the block left or right, and you cannot rotate them around in any other way. In the top right-hand corner, you see a preview of the next block to appear which is helpful, and your stats (levels, lines and score) are located in the bottom right corner. I’ve played with Puzzle Prism for the past few months, and it remains an addicting game as you try to outscore your previous high scores (stores your 3 highest scores) or submit to the global scoreboard. If you enjoy Tetris-type games or just puzzles in general and want some visually eye-catching graphics and unique gameplay, Puzzle Prism won’t disappoint.


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