Pumped up on Asteroids with Spheroids

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

Spheroids is good looking version of classic Asteroids that responsive controls and nice retro feel from the spinning sphere background to the psychedelic sound effects. The game plays smooth and the gameplay is intuitive so you won’t have any problems picking this up and getting the hang of it.  The latest update due anytime now adds color and online scoring which I beta tested and recommend without reservations.

The controls Spheroids are extremely well done for one key reason…they are highly responsive. The game offers tilt and touchpad controls, with the tilt controls being my preferred choice. I know others have had issues with the tilt, and usually when using it in a game, they can be highly sensitive making maneuvering difficult. I don’t have any such issues with Spheroids…I can literally turn and stop on a dime as needed. One thing to note is the lack of a calibration function for those who like to play in positions other than sitting down. The touch pad controls are a new addition with the latest update, and they are just as good if not better than the tilt. The touchpad consists of a round pad for maneuvering in any direction, and there are side buttons: Fire and Bombs. One other option is that you can turn on/off autofire. In Spheroids, you have several power ups including shields, weapons (which increase shooting speed) and bombs. You also have arrows to guide you to targets over the horizon.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward in that you destroy asteroids, mines and attacking alien ships. A counter is in the upper left-hand corner that tabulates how many targets you need to clear before progressing to the next level. A gauge is located in the lower left-hand corner that tracks how many bombs you have. To activate bombs, touch the screen with two fingers and everything near by is either shattered into smaller pieces or destroyed. You receive combo points by hitting/destroying consecutive targets, and you also receive an extra life after every 10,000 points. A nice feature is that you can start at the last level you completed so there’s no need to start over. However, the Level select is somewhat clunky in that you have tap up to the desired level.

Overall, Spheroids is a fun game with a different visual look that I hope catches on with people.


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