Photo Inspector Is Picture Perfect!

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Photo Inspector is the first “spot the difference” game I’ve ever played on the iPod Touch, and the devs have kept a simple idea just that…simple, yet fun.  The game is set up nicely without too much clutter and is ideal for when I’m looking for a quick game. From the menus and the quick tutorial to the presentation and sound effects, the game is polished.

With a 120 images and constant updates, I won’t need to worry about replayability.  The objective is to identify 4 differences in the two images presented and pick them out as fast as you can to maximize points.  An unobtrusive dial in the middle ticks down the time and it’s subtle enough that you won’t notice it until you need to.  From there, you just tap on the spots that are different.  If you’re perfect, you get bonus points.  Of course, to prevent random tapping, you’re limited to four wrong guesses at which point the game ends.  There’s also a pause button which comes in handy when you need to take a break or break away for a little while.  The new online scoring lets you see how good or bad I am at this because finding differences can be challenging.

Whether you’re new to the “spot the different” game genre or an experienced player, the new updated Photo Inspector will keep you entertained.


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