Part Racer, Part Demolition Derby…That’s Days of Thunder

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Racer

Days of Thunder is a fun racing game that will appeal to casual players as well as hardcore racing gamers.  The controls are relatively easy with a brake button on the left side and an accelerator on the other.  The only time I use the brakes is to slow down and do some front-end damage to cars trailing me.  While the courses are pretty repetitive generally ovals or triangles, you’ll find that as you win circuits by accumulating the necessary number of points and unlock additional tracks, you need to be more strategic in how you drive and maneuver especially around curves.

One attribute that differentiates DoT from other racing games is that it’s part racing and part demolition derby because you’ll be crashing into other cars and vice versa.  Rival cars literally go flying and crashing, while your car gets a time penalty instead of actually crashing.  Your #1 rival starts at the pole position, while you start at the back spot and during the course of the race, you try to move yourself up by bumping other cars and drifting behind others.  There’s even a pit stop which you’ll find handy since your car will lose strength the more it crashes into others (a handy little bar shows up above each car showing their health).  DoT gameplay is very intuitive, and you get the hang of it quickly.

Although I love Slotz Racer (another Freeverse title), DoT’s controls are easier to learn/play quickly with less of a learning curve.   I find when the other cars crash into you or you crash into them, the other cars do not lose any speed as they move past you.  It can be a frustrating because you can easily fall behind several spots, and I hope this is fixed in a future update to make things a little more fair.  On another note, the country rock soundtrack they play in the background can be irritating after a while, but you can turn it off. All in all, you can’t go wrong with DoT.


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