Operation Stormwall Needs More Storm and Less Wall

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

I gave Operation Stormwall a spin, and overall, it’s pretty good.  The premise is straightforward: you’re an air defense commander in charge of destroying enemy aircraft as they cross into range.  The challenge is that you have limited time to do this and accuracy is important.  The longer you go without destroying enemy aircraft, the quicker you lose time.  When you hit aircraft, your healthbar/timer increases, but keep in the mind the speed of the aircraft also increases as you progress.  Your ammo is somewhat limited because it requires reloading so you will have periods where you won’t be able to fire if you don’t plan accordingly.  Also, there are helicopters that when destroyed offer a random weapon: Lightening, Black Hole, or Nuke.

Lightening temporarily slows down aircraft making them easier targest.  Black Hole pulls enemy aircraft into the middle of the screen and immobilizes them. Nuke destroys all aircraft on the screen.

Operation Stormwall is accelerometer controlled so you tilt to aim, and sensitivity can be adjusted under Options.  A Fire button is in the lower right-hand part of the screen which you tap to fire.

What would add to the challenge of OS is that enemy aircraft also return fire or drop bombs which impact your time/healthbar.  To add more depth, perhaps offer a different play mode where the mission is to destroy a certain type of aircraft within a given amount of time before advancing; this could then be described as an objective prior to each level or set of levels and you would have other aircraft that blocks/prevents you from completing your mission.

Another possibility is to include paratroopers that you need to shoot down; create a second gauge (it could simply be another healthbar in a different color that monitors paratroopers that are able to land, and if enough land, the game is over regardless of your healthbar/timer status.

I like the feel of this game, and it’s intuitive enough to pick up and play.  While it could use some more depth (what game couldn’t), I found Operation Stormwall enjoyable for what it is: a classic 2D shooter.


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