Monster Trucks Nitro is a great concept but lacks content

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Racer

Monster Trucks Nitro is one of those games that has a great concept but falls short on content. The game itself is a series time trials through 8 courses filled with obstacles such as drums, wrecked vehicles, cliffs, pits and ramps. You objective is to drive through course as fast as you can which entails driving over and jumping over these things. If you finish within a set time, you either win a gold, silver or bronze medal which then unlocks the next course. There are unlockable trucks which you can access depending on the number of gold medals you’re awarded so there is some replayability on that end.

The graphics are teriffic while the framerate and the mechanics/physics of the truck movements are adequate. However, I don’t get any sense of speed even with the nitro boosts. One thing that the game relies on is the tilt controls, which you use to tilt you vehicle up and down. You’ll find that you can shave valuable seconds off your finish by strategically tilting your truck as you come off ramps and jumps. The air time in those jumps can cost be the difference in what medal you earn. The camera views are the thing that I really like about MTN, I find the Pro Camera to be the best angle.

If you played the original MTN, then this will be right up your alley. For others, it comes down to expectations. As I said, the content is lacking, but the actual driving through the courses is fun. It will keep you entertained as you try to win gold medals and unlock cars, but beyond that, MTN needs more content to be great.

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