Make it a point to visit 7 Cities

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy, Tower Defense

I’ve spent the past month playing 7 Cities, and it’s one of the best TD apps in the iTunes store. For your money, 7 Cities has way more depth than Fieldrunners in terms of powerups, gameplay variety, and just sheer entertainment value. The only other TD app that equals 7 Cities in my opinion is Besiegement (especially after the latest update) which happens to offer maze and multi-path play. 7 Cities offers enough value to suit both experienced TD players and those new to the genre, and you’re in for challenging gameplay in either case.

7 Cities offers two modes of play: Campaign and Survival with 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Each offers 7 maps of which they must first be unlocked in Campaign mode. Campaign mode takes you through 7 cities where the objective to survive the attack waves and collect red crystals. In Survival mode, you face unlimited attack waves in the map you choose. A new Open Waters map was recently added in an update that offers you the ability to create your own free path. This is a standalone map where you face unlimited attack waves. One of the strengths of 7 Cities is how polished it looks from the detailed maps and soundtrack to the changing towers and elaborate Skill Unlocker for trading in crystals for tower and skill upgrades.

In planning and setting your defenses, it’s pretty simple in terms of placement since your options appear in a circular selection menu at the location your chosen location. As you progress through each attack wave, you’ll be able to upgrade your defenses and earn gems for “unlockables” or perks. While there are other TD apps that offer more visually appealing graphics, 7 Cities’ understated approach really works well and is not overwhelming in terms of images or sound effects. As you survive each wave, you accumulate gold and certain gems which can be used to upgrade your towers. The tower upgrade system is one of the more advanced upgrade systems among TD apps, although Besiegement will visually change the tower as it upgrades so you don’t necessarily need to spend time tapping on it.

The dev also has a forum where users can share ideas and strategies which is an added plus. 7 Cities is simply one of the best TD games available that won’t disappoint, and the replayability and challenge make this a no-brainer.


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