Knights of Charlemagne: Long Live Charlemagne

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy

Are you looking for a relatively easy-to-play, yet challenging game of logic?  Knights of Charlemagne is a nicely done remake of the classic board game, and it’s an enjoyable strategy, and in most cases, plain common sense game.  If you’ve ever played Risk or Lost Cities, you’ll find Knights of Charlemagne offers a similar experience with one exception: the results are calculated at the end of the game.

There are 3 levels of play: Squire, Knight and Charlemagne with the lowest level being Squire.  The others levels unlock as you progress.  50 cards representing knights are distributed between the two players.  The layout of the game consists of 10 estates: the first five are numbered, while the last five are color coded.  At the bottom of the screen is your set of cards which are numbered and color coded with your opponent’s cards at top.  The Tent shows you the number of knights that you have in reserve.  A good tutorial with the rules is also included.  Gameplay involves deploying your knights to any of the 10 estates on the board but there’s a catch.  For the estates that are numbered, you can only place knights that have the same number, while you can only place knights with the same color with the colored estates.  If you can’t remember what goes where, you can also tap the individual cards which will then highlight the estates to which they can be deployed.  Also two random cards are removed from the deck so you can never be sure what your opponent has.

The objective here is to outnumber your opponent at each estate, and a sword appears during the game to show which player has the higher number.  A Crown bonus of 5 points is awarded to the player that wins the first two numbered estates.  This is important because in my experience with the levels, the Crown bonus was the difference between victory and defeat.  Once all the cards are dealt, then the totals are calculated showing who has secured the Crown bonus as well as the victor in each of the estates.  A splash page appears indicating victory or defeat with the totals.

Knights of Charlemagne is an enjoyable game with replayability because of the omission of the two random cards each time you play.  While it offers 2-player mode, the game would be better served if it is offered with a multiplayer wi-fi as well as additional levels and gameplay options.  With the save/resume functionality, the game is an ideal pick-up-and-play game whenever you need a quick hit of strategy.


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