It’s Time to Book Your Ticket to Orion’s Belt

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

Orion’s Belt is one of those games that could easily get lost in the shuffle of the iTunes store, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t. The game is more about strategy than being a straight shooter, something different than your typical shooter-type game. You won’t face huge waves of enemy attacks, but you will need to outthink and outmanuever them. The developer listens to user feedback which in my opinion means a good deal to me and other users. In this new significant 2.0 update, the controls have been completely redone based on user feedback. The new controls are a significant improvement and kudos to the dev for redesigning them. This not an easy task by any means, and I really like the new control scheme. The new controls use a wheel design to rotate your ship with separate buttons for thrust and stop. You also have separate buttons for weapons: missiles, guided missiles, mines and countermeasures. It does take practice to learn the controls, but they’re manageable.

Before you can take on missions, you have to pass several levels of training which is intended to make sure you understand the controls and master your different weapons. Then you get to the missions which are pretty fun. The game is pretty enjoyable, combining a good mix of animation and voiceovers without overdoing it, and allows you to move freely throughout. Preceding each level, a bit more of the story is provided as well as your mission objective.

If you fail a mission three times, then you receive an intel, which is a tip for how to pass the mission. As you get through the missions, you can also try a meaty part of the game: Skirmishes. In Skirmishes, you have the option to choose to either fly solo or team with a squadron, whether you want asteroids and even choose the number and type of enemies which is more than most shooter games currently provide. This is something that is nicely presented in Orion’s Belt.

The latest update has turned Orion’s Belt from a good concept into a very enjoyable game that I recommend. With the significantly improved the controls, Orion’s Belt offers challenging gameplay that will give you a lot of bang for the buck.


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