Invasion of the Z.A.K.K.S: A Puzzler in Mech Shooter Clothing

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle, Strategy

Without knowing much about Invasion of the Zakks, I decided to give the game a try, and I have to say that if you’re into puzzles like I am, this is a terrific pick-up-and-play-game.  It’s always difficult to find games that you really enjoy especially when they’re not hyped by big name game companies or publishers.  I think many will find Zakks a pleasant surprise in terms of challenging gameplay and presentation.

Martok is the main character being hunted by Zakks, which are giant robots.  For every step Martok takes, the Zakks will take one step towards you.  You also have the power to simply stand still and not take a step (there’s actually a button for that).  At the bottom the screen, the game has dashboard that shows weapons availability (teleportation, bombs), number of Zakks in play, level, and the stand still button I mentioned.  The game also has zoom/pan which is a nice feature to include.  Something to keep in mind is the Zakk Mark 2 (red in color) which has the capability to move two spots.

Invasion of the Zakks has two modes: Puzzle and Marathon.  In Puzzle mode, you only have a limited number of bombs at your disposal and no teleportation powerup.  In Marathon, you play until Martok gets fried by the Zakks, but of course, you have bombs and the unlimited teleportation powerups.  Martok has several advantages to escape the various levels.  One advantage is that Martok is more intelligent than Zakks, well as intelligent as you are.  The touch controls consist of six arrows around the screen and you tap to move Martok in that direction.  The second advantage is the stupidity of the Zakks.  Two ways exist that enable you to destroy them:  lead them to run into one another and thus destroy each other, or lead them into wreckage, which will also cause their destruction.  On certain levels, Martok is easily outnumbered by 50:1, but don’t let that fool you.  Logic wins the day, and you’ll find that battling 7 Zakks is more difficult than the 50.  For those who have played a great game called Theseus, which involves a maze and a minotaur, the gameplay experience is similar except with Invasion of the Zakks, you’re dealing with many more enemies.

The devs have incorporated high production values in the animation and the sound effects, and I couldn’t have more fun with this game.  I hope the devs do some proper marketing because the game has an addictive quality once you get it.


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