Interactive fiction & gaming from a simpler time with Frotz

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Adventure

There was time when video games really didn’t have much any video and was more interactive entertainment. Today’s generation is focused on blowing stuff up in video games laden with graphic-intensive images that leave little to the imagination. I had no idea what text-based video games were until I came across Frotz. For me, the only experience I had similar to this were the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books growing up.

With Frotz, you go back to simpler time where you relied on your imagination for the graphics, and for me, it provides for an exciting if not different experience. Frotz has hundreds of these text-based games with more that can be downloaded online.

To start a game, just scroll through the directory which contains murder mysteries, Victorian drama, science fiction…the list goes on and on. As you read through a story, you’ll be prompted to choose a direction or next step (e.g. ring doorbell, walk south, say hello), and it’s as simple as using an action verb. From there, the text responds accordingly to what you’ve typed. Frotz include a short introduction on commands which will help you get started and as I mentioned, additional games can be downloaded wirelessly.

For many of us from the younger generation, Frotz provides a different kind of gaming that requires attention, imagination and more importantly, an open mind. With all of those working together, you choose your own path in the story. If you’re sitting anywhere where you have a few minutes to spare like the airport or in a waiting room, Frotz is perfect for that because it will save wherever you left off. The different stories will immerse you so plan to take some time with this. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.


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