Indigo Ocho is numero uno when it comes to fun mazes

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Indigo Ocho is a fun, accelerometer-based game for those looking for a new twist in the maze genre. The developers have come up with visual, eye-opening pyramid of mazes that offers a good mix of fun and challenge. Instead of the usual “avoid the hole”, your objective is to locate special red and green cubes that not only score you points, but also enables you to exit/enter a maze. There are obstacles and even tasks that need to be done as you roll through the various mazes. The tilt is very responsive and in some cases may give some people some initial difficulty. But after a few levels, the speed of the ball feels just right.

Indigo Ocho has two modes: Play and Gauntlet. In Play mode, the gameplay is timed so you have to get through the maze within the time limit to unlock other levels, and as you progress through the levels, you risk being trapped or getting lost. One example is the Superball which is a tie-dyed colored ball that you have to bump twice before you can exit a level. When you’re under a time limit, that can mean the different between success and failure. The Atomic Balls tend to be both fun and challening to deal with because you have to be strategic in how you detonate them. You need to detonate them to progress to leave the maze for the next level, but if you detonate them in the wrong spot, you risk being trapped. In Gauntlet, the game is free play with no timer where you can try your hand at running through the levels.

There are a variety of perks throughout both modes which you can discover for yourself. You can tell the developers spent a good amount of time designing the various mazes. They are all unique and change each time you play so the no level ever plays the same twice. Indigo Ocho is an underrated game that deserves more recognition, and I think many people will enjoy and be entertained by what it has to offer. I’m looking forward to more mazes, levels and whatever these devs come up with in future updates and games.


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