Get Retro with geoDefense

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy, Tower Defense

I’m a huge fan of Besiegement and 7 Cities, and they’re really the only TD games I play…and then comes geoDefense.  What an amazing variation on TD games that not only gives a new twist on the genre, but really takes it in a whole new direction.  The first thing you’ll notice is the look.  Too many try too hard with the the retro theme, but geoDefense just feels right.  The sound effects and the audio voices add depth to geoDefense.  While the visuals are nothing compared to the detail in say 7 Cities, the retro approach works well.  In fact, you could say the visuals in geoDefense are more appealing than those in other TD games because of how the dev has packaged all of this.

You have a variety of weapons from turrets to lasers mixed in with a variety of attackers.   As with any TD game, it’s about placing your weapons and defenses in the most appropriate spot to destroy enemies.  The more enemies you destroy, the more money you have to upgrade existing defenses or buy new ones.  It’s simple in concept but difficult in practice.  While the look is the obvious differentiator, the gameplay is even better as you deal with waves of attacks matched by explosions and fireworks.  While there are three settings: easy, medium and difficult, you’ll find even on the easy setting that geoDefense is a monster of a challenge.  This app forces you to think and strategize, and the easy setting alone will keep you busy for a while.  One minor tweak that would make geoDefense perfect is in how you place defenses.  Right now, when you place defenses with your finger, your finger prevents you from being especially accurate because you don’t have a clear view, and once something is placed, you can’t move it.

I think geoDefense has caught many people by surprise in terms how polished visually and in gameplay it is.  If you’re into the TD genre, you’ll definitely want to add geoDefense to your library.  Even though an easy mode has been added in the latest update, if you’re new to TD apps, my advice is to get some experience with other TD games before attempting this…I’m serious.


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