Get Mazed with RealMaze3D

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

RealMaze3D takes the game of mazes and puts you literally into the mazes. First off, I have to say the maze environment is really done well. While the majority of what you see if basically walls, ladders, pipes, windows and ventilation grates, it does look and feel like you’re trapped somewhere in the ground. Your objective is to see how fast you can find an exit out of the maze—pure and simple.

In terms of mazes, there are 5 different types of maze sizes: Tiny, Small, Normal, Large and Insane. I tried each one of them to get a sense of the scope and difficulty. Beginning at Normal, the mazes start getting somewhat difficult, but Insane is well basically that. It could be me because I’m terrible at directions, but all the same, the experience could be disorienting as well as frustrating. As for controls, they are pretty smooth but do take getting used to. It took me one maze to get used to them so they are intuitive. You have an up/down arrow set on the left-hand side which allows you to move forwards and backwards. On the right-hand side, you have a d-pad-type control that allows you to look up/down and left/right. In the Options menu, you can also turn on the accelerometer controls that allow you to tilt left/right and up/down. I found turning off tilt was less disorienting, but overall, they are very responsive. Often, you will walk towards a lighted area and find it to be lights in the ceiling…definitely not a walk in the park.

Other options include a compass which you can turn on/off and if you turn it on, your time ticks 10% faster. There’s also a breadcrumbs option that allows you to leave a trial of where you’ve walked. This makes your time go 33% faster. So when you find your way out, it’s a bright light that you walk out to so I don’t know if the dev had some subtle meaning for this. Scoring is local only right now, but I can see an online scoring system especially if you add multiplayer wifi, which would make the game even better.

Honestly, I like RealMaze a lot because it is different from any other game I have. Let’s be clear, this is a puzzle, and it’s intended to be relaxing. The calm background clearly adds to the feel of that. I’m sure some will want more action included, but I like what it is. If you like puzzles, this is a good one. What I would like to see in future updates is different music, different images and sounds when you finish/exit a maze, and as I mentioned multiplayer wifi.


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