ElementalMonster TD…It’s All Elemental

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy, Tower Defense

ElementalMonster puts a unique twist on TD games that will force novice and experienced TD gamers to add yet another game to their collection.  What differentiates ElementalMonster from others is the card system and the variety of monsters as well the element relationships which can provide additional powers.  The game is well designed and well thought out.  The framerate is smooth and the gameplay intuitive with 5 maps with 3 stages each with a minimum of 50 waves.

The game offers a variety of monsters, which are literally little works of art.  A nice touch is that you receive a brief description of each monster before they attack.  The visuals and animations are entertaining in that your defenses visually attack enemies—that’s something you don’t see everyday—and as you upgrade, they will leave their spots to attack enemies, which by itself is a major selling point for ElementalMonster.  Another unique part of the game is the card system in that you can buy cards of specific enemies that you defeat.  These cards are essential if you’re to defeat major enemies in later rounds.

The maps somewhat difficult to make out during all the chaos; I compared with what I currently consider the best visual TD in Sentinel, and found Sentinel’s map clearer to see.  The tutorial while bland looking is comprehensive and useful, and I suggest should read it before you start.  Something that adds to the challenge is that you need to win all 5 stages in Phase 1 before Phase 2 unlocks.

If you’re into TD apps, ElementalMonster won’t disappoint.  It has plenty of depth, replayability, and challenging gameplay.  This one will keep you busy for a while with the card system and the unlockables.  Visually, this ranks up there with Sentinel, but it’s setting its own standard when it comes to gameplay.

If you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the dungeon!


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