Diamond Islands sparkles as a diamond in the rough

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

If you like puzzles that have tons of levels, replayability and a storyline, then Diamond Islands is your kind of game. The game is a test of logic and strategy as you move through various missions where your objective is to collect diamonds and get your totem to the specific meeting point in some cases within a specific number of moves. In particular, the islander storyline is unique and visually, the different island scenes as well the little islanders that move with your totem are very polished. The islanders even do a little dance when you complete a puzzle.

You use touch controls to move your totem around the island, and many times you’ll find that you don’t have the room to reach the meeting point or you’ve run out of moves. You also need to account for trigger points which you need to activate with your totem to activate bridges. There are rules as well such as the fact that the totem can’t be upright on docks, or that mud will cause your totem to slip. As you complete puzzles, additional islands are unlocked which provide even more unique challenges. Also, there are unlockable spells, which offer interesting life tips (you’ll find out what eating raisins will do for you).

One of the things I do is take advantage of The Eye which allows you scroll around to see the island. It helps with planning your moves as you collect diamonds. Diamond Islands offers a fun and challenging experience and is lighthearted enough that you’ll smile when it says “The gods are pleased”.


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