Crazy Snowboard=Crazy Fun

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Racer

Crazy Snowboard is just that “crazy” as in fun and whether or not you like snow or ski-related games, really doesn’t matter. The graphics and the music capture the thrill of snowboarding down steep slopes and getting air on huge jumps. In addition, you can do a multitude of tricks that will keep you coming back for more. A nice feature is that you can use points that you accumulate to upgrade your board and your dude as you progress through the missions at hand.

The objective is to accomplish various goals that are set throughout the 30 missions. These goals range from capturing gold coins and letters to scoring a minimum amount of points to knocking down signs all within a certain time limit. One of the more creative goals is taking down snowmen as you’re plowing through the slopes. In addition, you score points for maintaining height and doing tricks as you make jumps. While these points are necessary for buying gear, they also help you score gold, silver or bronze medals as well as unlock additional boards and snowboarders. That aspect provides some replayability as you’ll want to best your previous finishes. And, style points in Crazy Snowboard make a huge difference. As you’re going through the snow, one tip is to touch anywhere on the screen which will put in a crouch. In a crouch, you gain more speed, speed that is necessary if you’re to jump high enough to complete some objectives and to gain additional bonus points based on air hang time.

The game uses tilt controls and are very responsive, and believe me, you’ll wipe out if you miss a ramp, crouch at the wrong time, don’t correctly land a jump or hit a tree costing you valuable seconds. There’s even a Grab Camera option that will show you doing a trick as you’re flying through the air as well as global online high scores.  I’m not generally a big fan of snow-related games, but I took a chance on Crazy Snowboard. Glad I did, and I think you’ll find it a nice addition to your gaming library.


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