Could Use Another Pint with Zombie Pub Crawl

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Shooter

Zombie Pub Crawl has one of those unique concepts you don’t see everyday.  In fact, unique is an understatement when you consider the objective of the game.  Your job is to protect your friends as they do their nightly pub crawl through the zombie-infested London streets.  I don’t know how the dev came up with this idea, but I have to give him credit for originality.  It actually sounds like the storyline for a bad Russ Meyer film.

Now to the game…using your tank, you maneuver and shoot zombies while helping your friends move from pub to pub.  The controls are pretty responsive: a round green pad in the lower left-hand corner to drive your tank.  An orange bullseye is used to guide your friends down the street from pub to pub.  Mind you that you’re controlling both in this game, while also tapping zombies to kill them (you can also run over zombies and friends) so there’s a bit of coordination involved.  Also your friends walk at different speeds meaning you have to watch out for slow pokes.  A green arrow directs in the direction you need to go as well as to open pubs.  A tank icon in the upper right-hand corner indicates how hot your guns are so if they get too hot, they will stop firing.  As I said the controls are easy to manage, but plenty of your friends will be screaming and being chomped on by zombies before you get the hang of it.  A Training mode is included and provides the basics for playing the game.

ZPC consists of three levels of difficulty: easy, moderate, and hard; and two modes: Quick Play and Campaign.  Quick Play is your typical survival mode where the goal is to get your friends to as many pubs as possible while earning money from killing zombies to upgrade your tank.  In Campaign mode, there are three phases: Gather Your Mates, Quench That Thirst and Zombie Rampage.  Once you’ve completed each of these three phases, you then to the next level in which you do the three phases all over again.  Of course, with each subsequent level, more zombies appear, and you also have more friends to deal with, but the objectives are the same.  Gather Your Mates and Zombie rampage are untimed, while Quench That Thirst is timed.  During the game, there are various powerups to be picked up such as ammo and screen-clearing bombs.  You can also visit the Upgrade Store where you can increase tank speed, speed up gun cooldown and widen the blast radius.  Scoring is measured by zombies blown away and run over as well friends saved, which earns bonus points.

ZPC can be very repetitious with the main difference being the number of zombies.  However if you like Zombieville or want a different twist on the zombie genre, ZPC is pretty fun.  The eerie soundtrack along with the screaming women and the gameplay itself are done well, and I think you’ll enjoy it if you’re not looking for something too deep.  Actually, I enjoy ZPC a lot more than Zombieville for the simple fact that you’re not just shooting.  However, what ZPC needs is some variety in terms of the levels/objectives as well as different scenery.  The dev has created something very original and entertaining.  But, in terms of replayability, that’s up to you.


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