Cosmic Nitro: For Those Who Need Some Quick Action

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

Phil Hassey is known for his sci-fly battle of the planets game Galcon so it’s no surprise that the majority of his games have focused on that genre.  Cosmic Nitro follows that theme with a Missile Command-type game.  While the game is not particularly deep, the graphics are great, and the gameplay involves tapping the various invaders heading towards the planet.

Here are some of Phil’s thoughts in an email conversation I had with him…

“I really wanted a cool feeling retro game that didn’t require me to think hard .. Galcon is sort of a thinking arcade-strategy game, and I wanted to try something that was more just mindless eye candy. The big thing I was going for is – the instant reward of touching the screen and having stuff explode and have it feel good I find it fun to just blast stuff .. makes me feel happy.”

Back to the game…on the top of the screen are several gauges: a healthbar (indicated by %), number of enemies destroyed, and number of shields.  Cosmic Nitro has two modes: Invasions and Apocalypse.  Invasions has 9 levels: Astro Blast, Comet Crash, Scouting, Fire Storm, Martian Bomb, Toxic Inferno, Area 51, BioHazard, and Cosmic Hurl.  Each level is unlocked so you can choose whichever level you want to play. Apocalypse is more of survival mode where your goal is to score as many points as you can before the planet is destroyed.

In Invasions mode, a timer is shown at the bottom, and basically your goal is destroy as many enemies as you can while protecting the planet.  In Apocalyse mode, the timer upwards and your goal is to beat your previous high score.  You can secure additional shields (denoted by S) and you activate them by swiping the screen.  The scoreboard lists high scores by date and level.

Cosmic Nitro visually looks and sounds great, and frankly I would choose this over the iTunes Missile Command.  However, the gameplay is not very deep.  If you set your expectations and want a straightforward tap shooter, Cosmic Nitro is not a bad choice.  What the game could use is some variety in terms of weapon options and possibly even unlockable levels.


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