Claustrophobia Tests You in Tight Spaces

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Claustrophobia is one of those games that just hits you over the head, and you may not know why, but you keep coming back for more. While the game may look like a twist on Tetris, Claustrophobia’s twist comes in the fact that you have two sides closing in on you which you can stave off by completing lines. You constantly have to be aware of the top and bottom as the blocks close in because based on matches of 3 more similar color blocks or shapes, they will fall or rise.

The game has two modes: Classic and Crazy Gravity Modes and two levels of difficulty: Easy and Normal. Classic is the basic mode where the objective is to keep the blocks from crossing the center boundary, and blocks will only fall from top down. Crazy Gravity offers a twist…you can actually flip your device or hitting the gravity toggle block (which I’ll go into shortly) to change the direction the blocks fall. Claustrophobia has several special blocks: Glass Blocks which can be broken when they fall; Bomb Blocks which destroys all blocks of the same color; Relief Block which pushes top and bottom rows back; Bad Block which does the opposite, pushing top and bottom rows in; and Gravity Toggle Block which reverses the pull of gravity. You also have the option of playing with blocks or shapes.

As I briefly mentioned, the gameplay is simple enough—a colored block or shape appears in the middle that you can flick up or down with your finger. If you can match it to similar colors of 3 or more, then it clears out those blocks. But you have to do all this before the blocks cross the boundary lines in the middle. You can submit your scores to the global online scoreboard.

Claustrophobia offers a unique Tetris-like game with a twist that will keep puzzlers addicted. Even on Easy mode, the game is challenging, and the soundtrack’s upbeat tone only adds to the overall fun in this neat little package. The dev has promised more backgrounds and different modes and shapes in future updates.


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