Biplane Offers the Most Fun You Can Have with a Raccoon Pilot

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action

I purchased Biplane on a whim, and it’s turned into one of the better arcade flying games I’ve ever played. Biplane has two modes: Arcade and Race, and you’ll find yourself enjoying both modes. Arcade involves going up against enemy ships, blimps and ballons and destroying them before you get shot down. By destroying enemies, various crates and powerups appear. By picking up crates and delivering them to a drop off point, you receive bonus points. There are 10 waves and as you progress through each wave, more enemies await. Don’t worry, you can even dodge enemy fire, and you’ll hear the bullets ricochet off. The funniest part is when you finally do get shot down, and your raccoon pilot parachutes out of the destroyed plane. In Race, the objective is to complete 3 laps as fast as you can by traveling through green hoops. Of course, you’ll be doing this while also trying to shoot down balloon targets and pickup/drop off crates for bonus points.

The graphics alone would make Biplane a must-have because there are so many areas to explore. But, the controls in Biplane are the other selling point, and some of the best I’ve seen. It’s all done by tilt, and your Fire and Speed Boost buttons are on the screen along with your health bar and timer. You can also calibrate by using the Level Out function under Options, and an auto resume/save function. The dev has done a terrific job with the overall feel and fun, almost lighthearted approach, and you’ll find flying one of most enjoyable parts of Biplane. The flying is very smooth and intuitive so you’ll be flying with ease quickly. I hope to see future updates with additional planes, enemies, levels, and even achievements for scoring. The animation, graphics and top-notch controls really set Biplane apart.

The new City setting adds a new dimension to Biplane where instead of battling ships, you have tanks to deal with that are attacking the capitol. Flying through the city offers a different challenge as you now need to be aware of buildings and your aim needs to be more precise as you shoot tanks located in between structures. You’ll still need to deal with the blimps and balloons in addition to 10 waves of attacks. The controls and the animation continue to set this arcade flyer apart and offers a good mix of fun, challenge and replayability.


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