Be part of the Shiny Happy World with Jezster

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Puzzle

Jezster is an amazingly fun game that will frustrate you just enough to have you keep coming back for more.  For an initial release, Jezster is wonderful to look at from the bright pastel colors to Lord Jezster and his bouncy hench balls.  The menus, the sound effects, and the responsiveness all add to the overall polish of Jezster.  Even before you play, the game just looks fun which is just the beginning.  The gameplay itself is very smooth and simple to learn.  At the beginning of each sublevel, you’re given the goal of covering a percentage of the screen by deploying beams.  If you’ve ever played JezzBall, BurnBall or Wipeout, then this will give you a good idea of Jezster.  But that’s where the comparisons stop.  Make no mistake…Jezster is not a JezzBall clone.  In fact, this game involves more strategy that any of those type of games and in many ways, more fun.

You have a choice of controls: buttons, HUD or both.  Personally, I prefer using the two buttons which you use to determine the direction you want to deploy bars.  Then you simply tap wherever you want them deployed.  The catch is that the bar deploys in both directions so you really have to plan.  Just don’t let the hench balls hit the bar as it’s being deployed or you lose a life.  Adding to the challenge, you also have a timer to contend with.  The best part of Jezster is the boss at the end of each level, which is even more challenging the previous sublevels.  Of course, there are various powerups too numerous to list, but these include Free Life, Freeze, Time Eater, and Bomb.

I hope more people give Jezster a try because it really is a fun, challenging and full-featured game.  Hopefully, the developer continues to add more levels and perks, and I’ll be interested to see how Jezster evolves.


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