Be besieged by the latest and greatest Besiegement

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Strategy, Tower Defense

There are a multitude of tower defense games in the iTunes store, and sorting out the best ones can be a difficult job because each has its own theme and approach to gameplay.  Besiegement should be on your short list of terrific TD games to buy.  With the latest update that significantly improves graphics, Besiegement is almost a must have for those experienced or even new to the genre.

First off, there are so many levels included that you will be playing for a long time, and then there’s also a Challenge mode which offers even more gameplay.  My list of favorite TD games is pretty short: Besiegement, 7 Cities and geoDefense.  With 7 Cities and geoDefense,  both offer only path-based maps meaning you have no flexibility to set your own path for defenses.  And, in the case of geoDefense, the game is amazingly challenging bordering on frustration.  With Besiegement, you have both path-base maps and open maps where you direct where the enemies based on your defensive setup.  For me, I play with all three depending on my mood, and I would say Besiegement along with the others I named have more depth than Fieldrunners.

Another thing that really differentiates Besiegement’s tower animations that change as you upgrade weapons and towers.  The dev incorporated many of the usual details including a pan and zoom function which comes in handy.  The sound effects are not overwhelming, and as I mentioned, the graphics look great.

While many new to TD games will look at Fieldrunners because of the nice graphics, keep in mind that Fieldrunners has very little depth in gameplay or content.  On the other hand, Besiegement has a storyline, challenging gameplay, an ability to play maze mode or free path mode, and a huge amount of content.  Easily, Besiegement is one of the top TD games available in the iTunes store.


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