B-Movie Gaming with 7Days Apocalypse

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Action, Shooter

You have to love a game when you’re protecting someone by the name of Kayla Cupper. Let me get this off my chest (no pun intended)…the game has a campy feel to it as if you’re watching an old school b-movie with buxom females who are trying to stave off of zombies.

7 Days has a storyline which in most cases adds to the overall gameplay which in this case it does successfully. The game has two modes: Survival and History. Survival is just what it sounds like: battling zombies and surviving for as long as you can while racking (no pun intended) up points. I think the History mode is where this game differentiates itself a bit because you have a progressive set of levels each with their own objectives. The game has two views to choose from: Bird’s Eye and Back. You’ll find in most cases, the Bird’s Eye view is your best bet for maneuvering because it inherently gives you a wider field of vision. One of the nice things is that you can hit the Pause button during a game and switch views.

Also, you have the dual pads for movement and shooting which you can remove or change in transparency in the options menu. In the game, you have three weapons: Big Guns (and I mean the ones you shoot; Chainsaw, which I really enjoy using to dice up my zombies; and Plasma which literally obliterates the undead. One other thing, you can also choose to autoswitch out weapons or not as you pick them up.

In History mode, you will see the various levels, and the last level completed is automatically saved…again, a nice little feature that devs too often forget to include.

Day 1: The Beginning
You have to kill 25 zombies. (a counter appears at the top of screen with a health bar at the bottom)

Day 2: Protect Cupper
You have to protect a Dr. Cupper from zombies. (This is where you see a buxom Dr. Cupper in typical b-movie tight clothes and your job is literally to shoot around her until you reach the mansion)

Day 3: Infected
You have been infected. In this level your life is decreasing continuously, so your only option is kill as fast as possible, to get life items. (As you shoot zombies, health power ups will appear that you need to constantly pick up to raise your health bar; a 3:00 minute timer appears at the top so basically you have to survive for that long)

Day 4: BioHazard
You have to find some Biohazard containers. (As you shoot zombies, you will come across various containers which you need to collect)

Day 5: Spectral Chaos
In this level, a lot of ghost appears. You have to kill 35 of them to complete it. (The ghosts are a pain to kill and you have 35 of them to nail).

Day 6: Apocalypse
You have to survive a 5-minute onslaught. (A timer appears at top with health bar at bottom to monitor your progress)

Day 7: Last Hope
You have to protect again Dr. Cupper from zombies, as in level 2. (This level has a hoard of zombies and ghosts and your health power ups will be of the utmost importance)

As far as the gameplay itself, the controls are not bad, and I think they’re pretty responsive and accurate. I really enjoy 7 Days because while there are comparisons to iDracula, the game offers its own type of entertainment. The game doesn’t currently have a perks system and instead is based on high scores. But that’s not really a turn off for me. The motions and movements are fluid as she moves across the various locations, and the back view is definitely a strong part of the offering. Throughout the game, you have to watch your health bar because it decreases pretty quickly.

Keeping in mind that this is a 1.0 release, future updates should include additional monsters, weapons (love the chainsaw), and even a perks/bonus system of some kind to upgrade your character. Additional sublevels with different environments would be welcome as well. All in all, I like 7 Days for what it is…a campy zombie killing experience, and the buxom heroine and an equally well-endowed Dr. Cupper don’t hurt either.

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