Abigale is one tough chick

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Shooter

Judging by the icon for Abigale, many would probably think that the game was all show and not much fun. Surprisingly, Abigale is a very good 2D side-scrolling shooter. Your character is Princess Abigale who is from the Kingdom of Cega. Your objective is the fight the immortal army that was brought to life by Saliba, the Pope of Cega to overthrow the kingdom. Obviously, Abigale fights back and her only weapon is Mosa.

Abigale has 15 levels each culminating with a boss fight. The bottom left corner shows the number of crystals you need to collect and the Abigale’s health is shown in the bar in the upper left-hand corner. Graphically speaking, they’re better than most…the backgrounds also look good, and they change as you progress through each of the levels. The sound effects are adequate and new background music was added in a recent update that adds to overall the feel of the game. Be warned that Abigale makes a terrible sound when she gets hit by enemy fire…almost sounds like a man trying to impersonate a woman.

The game is accelerometer controlled where you move up and down, forward and backward by tilt. You control the Mosa by tapping once to spin it and twice to sling it where you want to target. Using Abigale’s auto-fire special powers, you maneuver Abigale through a variety of enemy attacks while trying to collect all the crystals for each level. While the Mosa can be used as a weapon, it can also be used both to capture crystals from the immortal troops that you slay as well to block enemy fire. These crystals are what energize the Mosa so you’ll constantly need to be collecting them. The more enemy fire your Mosa blocks/collects (which is actually harder than it sounds), the stronger Abigale’s special powers become. Of course, you have to dodge enemy attacks along the way, and the controls are very responsive to that.  While the game can be repetitive, I actually find the dev’s use of the Mosa innovative in the mechanics that are used, and it’s not something you see with most if any games.

Overall, Abigale is a pretty fun game and definitely different from other shooters in the iTunes store. I have to give the devs credit for including an interesting storyline.  Personally, I like the game, and I’m not just saying that because of the icon.


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