A hellish good time with Underworlds

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Adventure, RPG

Underworlds is a fun game with some depth to it, but probably not as deep as The Quest. It’s just not that type of game, but this will have a broader audience appeal than The Quest because it’s not overly complex at least for me. The controls are d-pad and touch, and they’re a little funky. Most of time I find I’m walking to places I didn’t intend to using the d-pad…it’s a little loose if that makes sense. You can touch where you want your warrior to go on the screen and your warrior will move there which I find easier. Beyond that, the game is enjoyable and graphics/animation are pretty smooth.

When you first enter the game, you type in your name and choose a character icon. You have 3 different male characters and 1 female character that you can choose from. That’s a shortcoming since it would be ideal to be able to pick actual different characters, but this is somewhat addressed with the Stats and Feat section which I’ll get into later. There are 4 modes of play: easy, normal, hard and extreme. The screen itself contains the following: d-pad on the left, and action and loot buttons. The action button is used to talk with other people, while the loot button is used to pick up items. A good alternative to the loot button is to simple tap on the item. Also, there are two skulls: one red and one blue. The Red Skull represents Health while the Blue Skull is Vitality. As you pick up health and vitality potions, you can use revitalize by tapping on the respective skulls. My tip is that you pick up as many of these health and vitality potions whenever you can because they can mean the difference between surviving and not. You have also have what looks like a health bar at the bottom of the screen which is really used to gauge your fighting experience/progress to move to the next level.

There is a separate inventory list that you can access showing the list items you have in your possession and their sell price. Be aware that you inventory list can get full so you may need to decide along the way which possessions you want to keep and what to drop or sell. From here you can access your warrior’s traits which are separated in Stats and Feats. Stats are Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Constitution (Health); Feats are Slash, Shield Bash, Berserk, Health Boost, and Vitality Boost. As you play through the game and destroy enemies/pick up items, you secure stat and feat points which you can use to add/subtract for example to your strength. A knapsack is on your screen and blinks when you have points to allocate. You can also revitalize your health and vitality levels here as well. It’s a nice setup because you can customize your warrior both on the physical and character side as well as with material items which will be necessary as your enemies grow stronger through the levels. As you battle enemies, a health bar appears over them similar to what you would see in a tower defense game so you can monitor how your warrior is faring. Underworlds is entertaining as you move from room to room and location and location, and I would say that the game is nicely laid out. There are variety of things that you can pick up throughout the game from swords and other weapons to potions and gold.

Without going into all the details of the game of which there are many, you’re given tasks which take you through various rooms and locations where you’ll need to defend yourself and also accomplish your objective. The game itself is pretty enjoyable, and you’re given instructions (with some voiceover). A nice thing about the game is that it automatically saves the last stage you complete (it even tells you that as you’re playing). While the game doesn’t have background music, it does have good feel to it. Underworlds offers something different, and if you’ve ever been into Dungeons and Dragons, I would recommend it.

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